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It’s been more than a month since fit · bloc last welcomed you through the doors. We miss that feeling, and we miss all of you. While it may be challenging to keep our spirits lifted with extensions after extensions, we remain hopeful and are reminded that this Circuit Breaker (a measure by our Government to curb the spread of Covid-19) has indeed given us all some time to sit down and look back on everything that has happened from the very first day we set our minds on this space. Every decision made that has helped shaped and defined this space to who we are today, stems from the following core values.

Building Community

This word has been used ever so often, but the hard truth is, building a community is easier said than done, lest growing one. We still have got a long road ahead, but community was the very first reason for this space. Which is also what birthed the many events that fit · bloc held. Our very first one, Coffee & Climb, was a simple, no-frills way to gather our then-fam, who were still new to us and to one another. We wanted it to be cosy and chill; just another day where people climb and mingle, and what better way than to serve up some good ol’ coffee?

Some other initiatives we had include our #friendtastic challenge in conjunction with International Friendship Day, and our most recent #fitblocoffseason workout via Zoom. Through them, we aim to provide a platform for our community to stay connected and engaged, especially so in this time where it is crucial to keep one another in check, dropping that occasional “how are things going for you”.

Growing Alongside

As the community grew, we wanted to create value in all our fam who saw value in us, and Project Day was our first major attempt at it. Our Project Day introduces the first-ever you-get-to-grade-system, whereby all new projects are set gradeless, and everyone could participate in the process of grading – something that typically is done by the routesetting team. This grew out of the desire to provide an opportunity of learning for our fam. It also allows our fam to realise that a project almost always implies subjectivity, which is why we see votes of varying opinions on our voting board.

Despite each route holding a different meaning for individuals, everyone cheered on as a climber attempts to send his/her project. It didn’t matter what grade the route was (technically, gradeless), or whether it is a challenge or not to those who were cheering. The sight of our fam coming together to cheer for one another is indeed an unforgettable one and it brings out the community spirit even more.

Climbing and Beyond

As we continue to grow alongside one another, let us not forget that the community that we continuously sow in is more than just our climbing community. To us, it extends beyond that.

I was heavily involved with volunteering at my previous corporate job, and I continued on since then. As I shared more about the countless excursions that I’ve brought various beneficiaries on, it struck me, “why not have them experience climbing at fit · bloc”.

These priceless smiles.

While it neither involved the entire team nor was it a gym-wide event, that day left a lasting impression. For these beneficiaries, it was their first time scaling walls and heights like such and the priceless smile on their faces constantly reminded me that no matter how small the effort is, it counts. As we continued to plan events and launch new initiatives, it became second-nature to ask ourselves how and in what ways we can give and contribute.

Fast forward half a year later, the weekend of 14 February this year saw our fam folding some origami hearts with recycled red packets from Lunar Chinese New Year. On this special day, we are reminded of how much love we received, and to pass on this love as well. It was truly heartwarming to have you stop by the little booth that we had set up, to fold some origami hearts knowing that every heart folded will mean a little something more.

These are but a minute part of what we hope to do, and there is so much more we would like to give together with you. We look forward to spreading more joy to the larger community, because we believe in the difference that every small word or action can bring. We may not be able to do big things or create a huge impact, but it sure does have a ripple effect.

Looking Ahead

The current coronavirus situation has indeed made things a little tougher for all of us, and as much as it may take some time for things to return to normalcy – the sight of our fam coming together, whether to contribute in their own ways or simply having their regular climbing sessions – we promise to stay committed to you, and will continue to build the community, grow alongside, and give back, in the little ways that we can.

Truly, how this has all played out is what keeps us going. We still have got a long road ahead, and I would like to thank each and every one of you for writing the fit · bloc story with us. See you soon.


It’s been two months since fitness centres had to close, climbing gyms included. As we gradually ease into some sort of routine and get better at making this all work for us, we hope that this series of articles will inspire you to keep growing, during and also post-Circuit Breaker. Stay tuned as we bring you more!

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