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This is a Gym Lifestyle.


Bridging the gap between beginners and advanced, Fit Bloc provides the education you need to improve holistically, both in terms of fitness and climbing. Ranging from lunch time yoga classes to after work climbing bootcamps, we have enough for everyone. Sign up today with the icon above!

Organized Workspace

Imagine having bouldering and fitness elements, coupled with an organized working space? Sounds like a dream, isn’t it? Welcome to Fit Bloc! The first of its kind with working space and fitness combined! We have well thought out space catered to your needs! Don’t worry, we solved the power point issue too!


We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for the community. Fit Bloc community is here to foster this bond. On top of all the amenities, our broad ambition caters to the aspirations and needs of you, for you, and the sake of our community.

You are not alone

Group Training

If you want to go far, go together. We hold each other accountable during our classes. We have a wide variety of classes in bouldering, yoga, interval training and movement which will help you improve your overall fitness. Do not miss our Signature classes where we combine the best of climbing and fitness in our studio.

Be You, For You

Refresh Yourself

Whether you have been training hard at the gym or putting the finishing touches at the co-working space, wind down with a swim, a hot sauna and a warm shower. We guarantee you will walk out feeling recharged and renewed.


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