PASS-it-on Enamel Pins


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Pins for a Cause.

An exclusively designed #fitblocfam enamel pin set for our very own PASS-it-on Movement.

In this period of pandemic, Covid-19 has impacted many. What was normal previously isn’t so normal now. Something that was once a given may now be a privilege, something small could mean more today.

With the launch of our PASS-it-on Movement, we hope to help you continue doing what you love, including your fitness journey with us. For every purchase of a set of 3 pins, 1 pass will be contributed to the Movement. All passes accumulated from the sale of pin sets will benefit someone who needs it more during this season.

Giving is a team sport. Let’s help to do the little we can. Make a difference. Pass it on today.

Get yourself a pin set and contribute to the Movement by carting out each of the 3 pins separately.


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