PASS-it-on Enamel Pins


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Pins for a Cause.

An exclusively designed #fitblocfam enamel pin set for our very own PASS-it-on Movement.

In this period of pandemic, Covid-19 has impacted many. What was normal previously isn’t so normal now. Something that was once a given may now be a privilege, something small could mean more today.

With the launch of our PASS-it-on Movement, we hope to help you continue doing what you love, including your fitness journey with us. For every purchase of a set of 3 pins, 1 pass will be contributed to the Movement. All passes accumulated from the sale of pin sets will benefit someone who needs it more during this season.

Giving is a team sport. Let’s help to do the little we can. Make a difference. Pass it on today.

Get yourself a pin set and contribute to the Movement by carting out each of the 3 pins separately.



The First Climb: The first of the collection, this pin is inspired from a photo that dates back to when the gym was still in construction. The crash mats were not yet fully laid out then, and we had just put up some new routes. Designing this pin definitely brought back some great memories!

You Love It, You Hate It: The second design is an attempt to put our love-hate relationship with pinches onto the pin. They say we have to embrace our most hated hold to be able to get the pinch level 99999 that’s embossed on this pin. Who knows, having this on your chalk bag before getting onto your next project might give you some extra pinch power?

The One That Started It All: Our last pin is the classic Tsurugi Green by Asakusa. Anyone remembers our first pop-up store before we officially opened? Not many know, but this particular shoe caught our eyes when we were looking for a brand to carry. They say first impressions matter – indeed it did, apart from how snug the shoes were when we tried them on.