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With there being no end in sight to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been forced to live and adapt to this new norm. During this period, many of us have struggled to cope emotionally and physically. However, it’s during such times of hardship that we see sparks of kindness shining brighter than ever. A simple gesture, a kind word, can make a huge difference. Join us once again in this movement of giving and thinking beyond ourselves. Let’s reach out to those that matter, and spread the love to the community.

Simply choose a postcard, send a message to a loved one, and gift them with a climb too!

Each purchase of a postcard entails:

1 x postcard 
1 x postage stamp
1 x fit · bloc single entry pass (valid till 31 Dec 2021)

A portion of the proceeds raised will be donated to Ray of Hope’s Special Needs Beneficiary.

*Postcards will be packaged and mailed directly to the purchaser. 

How to redeem your climb

  • With a purchase of one postcard, one single entry pass to fit · bloc will be credited to the purchaser’s account. If you (the purchaser) wish to use the pass for yourself, no further action is required.
  • If you intend to transfer the pass to a friend, do Whatsapp us with the following details: 
    • Title: With Love From single entry pass
    • The name and contact number of your friend
  • If your friend is a first-timer to fit · bloc, do direct them here to register for a fit · bloc account
  • Kindly do so before your friend heads down to fit · bloc to redeem their climb

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