Basic Wood Board


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The Basic Wood Board is suitable for beginners to recreational climbers who wish to get a little more serious with their training. Grip strength, specifically finger strength, is a crucial element in every climber’s training regimen. Made with beech wood and specially designed to have rounded edges, the Basic Wood Board is gentle on the skin. While most hangboards require wider or narrower hand positions for different holds, the Basic Wood Board features an asymmetric design, maintaining a constant distance between paired holds so your shoulders and wrists are always the same distance apart.

The top surface is a long comfortable jug, suitable for warming up and pull-ups. Also included in the package are 8 removable plug-ins that help decrease the depth of the holes, making it extremely versatile for progressive training.


60cm x 10cm x 5cm

Comes with:

  • 1 x Basic Wood Board
  • 8 x plugin inserts
    • 4 x 3mm (2 long, 2 short)
    • 4 x 2mm (2 long, 2 short)
  • 4 x 7.5cm screw

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