Within all of us
Lies a reserve of hidden strength

fit · bloc offers a range of classes and courses for you to actualise your inner strength. Ranging from yoga that focuses on flexibility and mobility, to fit · bloc signature classes that teaches you step by step on building mindfulness, we empower you with both hardware and software.

Hardware are the tools required for training, from the strength room to increase your general conditioning, to treadmills and indoor bikes for warm ups and cardiovascular health. Our swimming pool and sauna will help you cool down, relax and promote recovery during your rest days. We view software as the culture the gym will promote to build a welcoming community. By pointing out areas of improvement combined with programs designed specifically to guide you, you will become a better athlete.

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don’t talk, let’s do it!

training programmes

ready to train you!

Boot Camp (HIIT)

lose weight – get tone

get in, get fit.

You’re only one workout away from a good mood.

We’ve always believed fitness is an entry point to help you build a happier, healthier you. When you are healthy and strong, you’re capable of taking risks. You’ll feel more confident to ask for the promotion. You’ll have more energy to be a better mom. You’ll feel more deserving of love.

You might not be in your best shape, but you want to prove to yourself that you can do something that seems insurmountable and inspire others by showing them no matter where they are right now, they can do it too.



We provide lunch time and after work classes to fit into your fitness schedule. We will be launching classes starting 2019. Stay tuned for our fitness programmes!



With showering, sauna and towel facilities, you will be sure to have a fresh start to your day working out at Fit Bloc. Utilize our coworking space, take a break with some climbs on our climbing wall, sweat it out, then take a shower. We assure you that with our full suite of services at Fit Bloc, you will feel a lot better with your days.



Classes we provide at Fit Bloc doesn’t just aim to tone your body, they aim to increase your mindfulness and awareness of your own body. Climbing requires a great deal of understanding about your body movements and how different body types move differently. At Fit Bloc, we aim to make you more aware of your body type and seek to improve your movements and wellness through our various classes.


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