Class Cancellation Policies:

All morning and lunch classes must be canceled by 9 pm the day before.

All evening classes must be canceled 9 am the day itself.

Cancellations after their respective timings will be considered as late-cancellation.

Classes will be canceled by the gym if there is no sign ups by the cancellation times. So long as there is 1 attendee, reservation can be made till 15 minutes before class starts.

A 15 minutes grace period is given for clients arriving late. Arriving for classes any later will be considered as no show and to prevent disruption to the on-going class, you may be denied entry.

Late Cancellation & No Shows:

Multi-pass holders:

1 pass will be forfeited as a result of a late cancellation or no show.

Season-pass holder:

3 late cancellation or no shows quarterly will result in the suspension of booking privileges for a week.